Parenting Teens - What people are saying

This is some of the feedback I have received from Parenting Teens workshops.
"Neil, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us. Our daughter is a different child. Your parenting course was fantastic and certainly something I will and have recommend to many.  The reason I can say this with such confidence is because I have actually put what you taught us into practice.  I am now speaking from experience.  Especially the bit about staying calm... you know...the flat hand smoothing the mood....  What I really want to say is 'Thank you for giving us our child back.'   "
-Venita Pretorius

"I was blown over by how much you were able to share with us and so much of it was "new", insightful info. I think we have a fairly stable family life and there was so much I could relate to that we are either not doing or not doing properly at all."
-a mom

"Thanks for the wonderful course and all the info that you passed on to me over the weekend.  It was great. I really had a mind shift about the 3 world views and how it affects my relationships.  Please let me know when you do the next camp for the teenagers. I would like to send my daughter.  All the best with your work."
-Barbara Pretorius

"Neil's course encouraged us hugely - we got to see what we are actually doing right & so encouraging us to continue in this positive manner AND he gave us good practical guidance as to how we can improve our relationship with our teens - and we have four of them!! Thank you Neil for the time and incredible research & experience you shared so openly with us. We'll be back for more!"
-Shaun and Bev van Eck

"I was in a fortunate situation to do this course before my kids actually entered their teens.  I found this course to be an eye-opener about how teenagers function, how they think and how they feel.  I feel confident now that I have insight into their psyche and I have powertools that enable me to each and every situation I may be faced with in a positive and constructive way.  I now feel confident that I’m not going into this phase unprepared with my kids. This gives me great confidence and peace of mind.
The course has been awesome and I will recommend it to anyone who needs to be equipped to handle their teen."
-Elize Erasmus

"Thank you so much for a comprehensive and well presented parenting course which I attended.  I really enjoyed the 3 world views, the effects of familial patterns and various challenges we face as parents of lively teenagers.  Using the hand and fingers in a problem solving strategy will work wonders when practiced often enough.  I also learnt a lot from the material you covered on the brain and logical thinking versus emotional responses and the importance of interacting with emotionally healthy people with positive attitudes - for us and for our children.  The skills and knowledge complements those I learnt about on another parenting course and from other resources."
-Sharon Muller

"Neil Hinrichsen brings years of working with hundreds of young people together into a course that opens up the minds of teenagers and exposes them to those adults sensible enough to have an interest.  It is not enough to assume we know our children because we parent them.  They grow older every day, in a world vastly different to the one we grew up in.  So, I may have some experience as a parent of a thirteen year old boy, but the fourteens and fifteens will be as new to me as they are to him.  Neil points out the pitfalls, mistakes and dangers that we as parents and children have to face together.  It's not what we know, or do not know, but what we do not know we do not know that comes out so clearly in the course content.  This is in itself a revelation."
-Dr Martin Young
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